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Garlic Lamb Chops

The recipe for pan-seared garlic butter lamb chops is really easy to make, tasty, and a healthy dinner option. Easy Lamb Chops recipe in just 15 minutes paired with Sesame Noodle Salad.

Prep:5 minutes
Cook:15 minutes
Total:20 minutes
Servings:  people


1.  20 to 30 minutes prior to cooking, take loin chops out of the refrigerator. After drying them with paper towels, set them on a cutting board covered with paper towels. Add salt and pepper to taste.
2. A 12-inch dry cast-iron skillet* should be heated to a high temperature. The chops should be placed in the pan fat side down. To keep them balanced and push the chops down so that the fat renders and gets crisp and brown, you'll probably need to use tongs. It takes around 5 minutes.
3. Lay the chops flat on one of their sides once the fat has melted into the pan. Cook for a further 3 minutes, or until browned, then flip the food over and continue cooking.
4. Turn the heat to medium-low. Pour out the rest of the lamb fat with a spoon.
Then add 2 tablespoons off butter (or ghee), garlic and thyme.
5. Stir the butter thoroughly until it foams, then drizzle it for about a minute over the meat. Lamp chops should be placed in a serving plate with butter sauce on top.
6. Enjoy with sesame noodle salad.