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Always fresh. Always delicious.

Experience the joy of a fresh, mouth-watering meal.


We love what we do


Discover the secrets to Zina's Fine Food.


Salads are the perfect way to stock your store. They are fresh, nutritious, and appealing to customers.

we never forget our traditions


Our secret ingredient is love - it's what makes our salads so special! and our chefs are experts at crafting delectable dishes that will have you coming back for more. Whether you're looking for a light lunch or a hearty side dish, we've got a salad for you. And because we only use the finest ingredients, you can be sure you're getting the best possible nutrition with every bite.

We're Grateful For Your Feedback!

Just to say “thank you” for our meal. We all enjoyed your delicious food and the evening was everything we hoped it would be. Thank you so much.

Catharine Jalil

I love every salad I've tried! Big and plenty of toppings. Enormous portions, better than any restaurant and half the price.

Lori Topping

Finally. Healthier, more yummy fast food, and it is cheap! I've been wishing for a good salad option as fast food for years. Thank you!

Brenda Worley

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Picked up these two on a special at a North Carolina chain grocery store. I'm usually severely disappointed when I buy these types of prepackaged salads at a grocery store. I was truly blown away at the depth of flavor in the chickpea and the pasta salad. I would've been satisfied if I had received these as a side in a gourmet deli. I would like to try more of their products!

The Hunter

Very large and varied selection of salads products are made from quality materials. I regularly purchase products from this manufacturer and recommend And to you.

Sergii Prohorov

Very well made! Tasty and clean. Thank you... covid emergency food #1

Millie Perez

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