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Sustainability is more than just a buzzword - it's something we take seriously at Zina's Fine Food!

We are committed to doing our part to create a sustainable future for our planet. We believe that climate change is the defining challenge of our generation, and we are determined to play a leading role in combating it. As a responsible business, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. One simple way we can do this is by reducing food waste. In the food industry, billions of pounds of food are wasted each year. At Zina's, we are working to change that by donating unsold food to local charities and composting anything that can't be donated. We are also working on innovative packaging solutions that will help our customers reduce waste. For example, our new package for salad dressing features a built-in reusable fork- perfect for on-the-go eating! We hope that other businesses in the food industry will follow our lead in making sustainability a priority. Together, we can make a difference.


At Zina’s we set industry trends, yet we never forget our traditions. We have high-quality standards and use the finest ingredients for all our salads. Many of our unique salad products have blazed a trail for new and innovative mouthwatering delights that have become the "in thing". You will see a large variety of our recipes from different vendors all across the country. We continue to introduce, world-class Pasta Salads.

We are a gourmet salads manufacturer.  We believe that the food prepared in our kitchen should taste as good as food prepared at home. Our chefs are always on-site to ensure that our products are made with delicious home-style cooked tastes. We minimize the use of machinery when preparing our salads and pride ourselves on using home-style techniques such as:

Hand cutting the freshest ingredients used in our gourmet salads, which gives great consistency as well as appearance to our salads Hand mixing of each and every salad made in our kitchen, Hand packing each salad, ensuring the product is packaged with care boiling, cooking all of our products, just the way you would at home.

We love what we do. Zina's salads are a family-operated business. We treat our employees as family members, and when we prepare our signature dishes for our customers we like to think that we are cooking for a special occasion. This has proven to be our winning strategy since our customers love our Pasta salads and always come back for more. Over the years we have received many letters and notes of praise- directly as well as passed on from stores. If you have tried and liked our salads,  let us know, we are always happy to hear from you!



Valentin, an MBA graduate who comes to the company from a diverse career background, having worked in the legal, technology as well as art industry. Valentin has been a huge fan of Zina's before coming on board, and has been constantly exploring new business opportunities for the company. He is creative, extremely dedicated and is a natural cheer leader. 



Alex joined Zina's with a finance background and has brought in strategic financial solutions for the company while providing result-driven analysis in pricing, branding and development. He is a problem solver, aways calm and positive.



Igor, a professional Mechanical Engineer, has been on the board of the company from its very beginning. Zina, the founder and main inspiration for the company, brought her husband on board as the financial supervisor when her passion for food developed into a business idea. Over the years, Igor has successfully grown a small scale operation to the business it is today. He continues to serve as a consultant of Zina's Salads and always strives to deliver the best to his clients.



Zoran became a part of Zina's over 10 years ago. He has extensive experience and exposure in international sales and has provided valuable insights that helped Zina's significantly. Having worked in sales and purchasing prior to his arrival at Zina's together with his Master’s Degree in Economics, Zoran combines his industry expertise with a scientific approach to detail that helps make the company thrive.