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Zina's Fine Foods CEO, Valentin Chelnokov, shares insights with Delivery Rank

We're excited to announce that our President and CEO, Valentin Chelnokov, recently sat down for an in-depth interview with Delivery Rank. In this candid conversation, Valentin shared his journey through various industries, bringing a unique blend of creativity and leadership to Zina's Fine Foods, which continues to craft gourmet salads loved by many.

Valentin discussed how Zina's Fine Foods strikes a balance between traditional recipes and modern techniques to create salads that aren't just meals but experiences.

"Our focus on quality ingredients and artisanal methods sets us apart in the food industry," said Valentin, emphasizing that machinery in their kitchen resembles what you might find at home, just on a larger scale.

When it comes to ingredients, Valentin stressed the importance of meticulous selection.

"We only offer products we'd serve to our own families," he said, highlighting partnerships with suppliers worldwide that share their commitment to quality, such as a family-owned pasta business in Puglia, Italy.

Valentin also reflected on Zina's Fine Foods' history, from its roots as Zina's Crepes, Soups and Desserts to the thriving company it is today, with a strong presence in over 6000 stores. This growth has been fueled by an unwavering commitment to flavor, quality, and a hands-on approach to business.

He shared Zina's Fine Foods' dedication to social responsibility, working with local charities to combat food insecurity and participating in global initiatives like the Felix Project. "We take our role in the community seriously, using our resources to support those in need while reducing our environmental impact," Valentin noted.

The interview also touched on Zina's approach to menu development, product expansion, and maintaining the authenticity of their recipes. Valentin described how their creative process is inspired by travel and the desire to make food that is both authentic and approachable.

Closing the interview, Valentin shared a memorable experience from a visit to a small village in southern Italy, which reinforced his belief in the importance of connecting with the source of ingredients and respecting both tradition and innovation.

To read the full interview and gain more insights into Valentin's vision for Zina's Fine Foods, visit Delivery Rank's website.

Thank you to the Delivery Rank team for this opportunity to share our story, and thank you to our customers and partners for your ongoing support. Here's to many more years of delivering gourmet salads to your table!