Apple Delight Salad

Somewhere between a salad and a dessert this dish features cinnamon covered, shelled, apples that make for a naturally sweet bite! Pair it with ice cream or pudding or use it as the perfect ingredient for your cake filling. 

Carrots and Raisins

Freshly shredded carrots and sun dried raisins present a contrast in coloring that complement each other and has a crunchy, yet refreshing taste. The light dressing allows it to pair well with almost any dish- it can even be served as a stand-alone dessert! 


Olive Salad

A mix of olives, zesty pepperoncini a variety of bell peppers and onions, it's an excellent side dish to almost any meal. Often paired with cured meats and cheese platters. In New Orleans the salad is often used in the creation of the famous Muffuletta sandwich, but the recipe itself comes from Sicilli, where both Muffuletta bread and the ingredients originate from. 

Portabella Mushroom Salad

In keeping with true European tradition, this salad features a rich flavorful vinegar based sauce, as well as fresh vegetables, carrots, celery and peppers. Portebella Mushroom Salad goes well with poultry or meat.

Red Roasted Pepper Salad

First the freshest, ripest bell peppers are selected, then a careful roasting process begins. The peppers are then cut and dipped in soybean oil, vinegar and a secret seasoning mix. We love to serve this salad on bread with feta or mozzarella cheese, as an appetizer before poultry or just as a colorful addition to your table. 

Antipasta Salad

Zina’s Antipasta Salad includes a colorful array of marinated vegetables, pepperoncini, fresh mozzarella, green and black olives, fresh celery and cauliflower mixed with a light dressing. Enjoy as an appetizer or side dish. It pairs well with cured meat, cheese and white wine.


Stuffed Cabbage

A special mix of chopped meat, wrapped in cabbage leaves, seasoned to perfection is then gently simmered in tomato sauce.  The cooked cabbage leaves make a lovely contrast to the texture of chopped meat within. This dish makes a delicious light lunch or serves as an excellent appetizer for dinner. 

Marinated Mushroom Salad

Black olives sliced and mixed with fresh carrots, peppers and of course button mushrooms give this salad an exotic color pattern. While a hint of vinegar and spices, makes this an unforgettable dish. A great source of vitamin D, this salad can be indulged in many different ways. We love to pair it with freshly cooked potatoes or as a side dish to meat or fish.