Bow Tie and Seafood Salad

Artfully prepared pasta, red surimi crab sticks, fresh shredded carrots, parsley, green peas, a hint of dill and garlic. A light yet flavorful dressing and special blend of herbs and spices make this salad a true statement of American cuisine. Enjoy it as a light lunch or bring it to your favorite party or picnic!


Rotini and Shrimp Salad

This fantastic mix of pasta and large grade A shrimp has a rich taste, presents a colorful palette with the finest carrots, green and red bell peppers, gently mixed with Zina’s unique mayonnaise based dressing. Rotini shrimp salad is an excellent main dish, and our customers enjoy it both warmed and chilled. 


Seafood Pasta Salad

We use Conchiglie pasta, which is more commonly known as “pasta shells”, and add the highest quality surimi available. Fresh celery, short-cut beans, carrots, sautéed onions and a dressing consisting of mayonnaise, dill, vinegar and horseradish give this salad an unforgettable look and taste. Seafood Pasta Salad makes an excellent main dish and would satisfy the most discriminating of palates. 


Seafood Salad

We select the highest quality surimi available on the market, mix it with freshly cut celery and our special mayonnaise based dressing. This salad makes an excellent appetizer or cold side dish. At Zina’s, we enjoy it with a variety of other fish dishes.

Shrimp Salad

Large, deveined and tail-off shrimps, are selected and gently mixed with fresh cut celery. Our home styled, piquantly seasoned dressing is so light in both texture and volume, that it complements, and never overpowers. It is ready to eat and will be the highlight of any occasion.


Only the best quality shrimp available on the market is used, while our celery is fresh and delivered daily. Our Deluxe Shrimp Salad features large, cooked, deveined and tail-off shrimp, celery, and Zina’s unique zesty mayonnaise dressing. It makes for a delicious treat all on its own!