We always use the highest quality ingredients, but what makes our recipes so special, is our unique team.

 Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Igor Shaknovich


Igor, a professional Mechanical Engineer, has been on the board of the company from its very beginning. Zina, the founder and main inspiration for the company, brought her husband on board as the financial supervisor when her passion for food developed into a business idea. Over the years, Igor has successfully grown a small scale operation to the business it is today. He continues to serve as the CEO of Zina's Salads and always strives to deliver the best to his clients.


 Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Zoran Ilic


Zoran became a part of Zina's over 10 years ago. He has extensive experience and exposure in international sales and has provided valuable insights that helped Zina's significantly. Having worked in sales and purchasing prior to his arrival at Zina's together with his Master’s Degree in Economics, Zoran combines his industry expertise with a scientific approach to detail that helps make the company thrive.



 Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Valentin Chelnokov

Vice- President

Valentin, the youngest member to join Zina's management team is a recent MBA graduate. He comes to the company from a diverse career background; having worked in the legal, technology as well as art industry. Valentin has been a huge fan of Zina's before coming on board, and is exploring  new business opportunities for the company.   


Zina's Salads Product Team

These are the people that put the finest salads on your table. Most of Zina's Salads Team has been with the company for decades, becoming an integral part of the Zina’s family. QUALITY, INTEGRITY and AUTHENTICITY are some of the key ingredients here at Zina's.

Many companies choose to use industrial, heavy duty commercial machinery in preparation of their food. Zina's stands for quality that can be achieved only by artisan cooking. Our team is highly trained and detail oriented, ensuring that the quality of the salads meets the highest of standards.