Zina's Salads:

Road to success

About Us


The company was established in 1983, by Zina Shaknovich, a chéf and caring mother, who believed that food must be tasty, beautifully presented, and healthy. As a passionate traveler, Zina gathered and preserved recipes from around the world. Over the years she created a list of the most delicious salads that appeal to those who appreciate unique and unforgettable taste. She set the goal of bringing these salads to American tables. Joined by her friend and business partner, Ruth Sigman, Zina introduced a variety of products; the company has been known for stuffed crepes, soups, desserts, flavored cream cheese and finally salads. Zina's commitment to taste, aesthetic respresentation and production processes allowed the company to become one of the well-recognized players in the Ready-Made-Salads market of the Northeast region. 

Today the company’s portfolio consists of more than 50 items, and the authentic taste of Zina’s Salads is still a fundamental part of each of our recipes. We strive for excellence, and our satisfied customers are testimony to our accomplishments. Our menu includes a wide range of grain, seafood, pasta and vegetable salads, and we continue to expand our offerings.

You can find our salads everywhere along the Eastern part of the United States of America. Our products are offered by large chain supermarkets, boutique food stores as well as small gourmet delis. Our consistent quality and taste is why Zina's Salads are prominently featured in restaurants and catering services.