Welcome to Zina’s Salads

World Class Artisanal Recipes Made with Passion and Love

For over 30 years Zina's Salads has been serving super markets, restaurants and gourmet delis along the East Coast. By using only the finest and freshest vegetables purchased from our local produce suppliers we make salads, our number one priority. 

There are a few things that set us apart from any other large manufacturer on the market. 
We pride ourselves on using a variety of home style techniques that include:

  • Cooking, grilling and preparing our artisanal salads by using authentic recipes, just as you would at home.

  • Hand cutting our fresh ingredients, giving them a wonderful consistency and taste.

  • Mixing the salads by hand in order to preserve the texture and artisanal looks of our products.

  • Beautifully hand packaged to entice the most discriminating palate.

So go ahead, explore our website and find out more about our offerings.
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Yours Truly, 
Zina's Salads Inc. Team